Walls of Limerick, A Poignant and Powerful Film Wins Prestigious Awards at Film Fests

Walls of Limerick, A Poignant and Powerful Film Wins Prestigious Awards at Film Fests

Walls of Limerick, a film by Kat and Dawg Productions, have been garnering prestigious awards, including one in memory of the late Richard Harris, from various film fests around the world due to its innovative and poignant method of expressing the heartbreaking emotions and psychological effects brought upon an individual by the existence of harsh political borders.

Vertical dance, the art form used in this film, enhances the storytelling experience by using various movement sequences and images on a vertical, rather than horizontal, plane that distort the audience’s perception and allow viewers to see the world from another angle.

The harnesses and ropes used in the film not only allows the performers to dance up the walls but also tell a compelling story that one can call a masterpiece. The combination of this unique art form and the dancers’ powerful and emotional performances has made it a truly exceptional work of art.

This film, directed by Arturo Bandinelli and music by Andrea Boccodoro, has won various awards from film fest screenings all over the world, garnering titles such as “Best Film” and “Best Cinematography.”

Audience members have called it a truly powerful film that represents a story to which many people can strongly relate.

Even the Artistic Director of Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Company, Chantal McCormack has said that Kat and Dawg Productions is a unique company that has created something meaningful and thought-provoking, further stating that the future of aerial dance is in good hands.

Kat and Dawg Productions is a vertical dance collective run by Máire Dee and Kathryn Cooley (a Cornwall local) that combines the world of aerial and dance to craft a performance that’s uniquely their own. Their style has been called as exceptionally soulful and electrifying.

For more information, please check out http://www.katanddawgpro.com/.





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