Taunton Theatre Association seeks help for Taunton’s Brewhouse Theatre

Taunton Theatre Association seeks help for Taunton’s Brewhouse Theatre
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Back in 2017, the Taunton Dean Borough Council and the Taunton Theatre Association announced its plans for expansion. The news is announced since June 2017 with an estimated expense of £20 million, with the expansion set to be on its original location at Coal Orchard site in over 5 years.

However, news about relocating the theatre got exposed. The report was made by County Gazette while the investigation was held by the council.

With this expansion and relocation, the Brewhouse Theatre is now at stake. It is believed to encounter a financial problem in the future. With the tight budget that can be relocated, the project might bring the Brewhouse on the verge of closure.

Different reactions were garnered as the news exploded. With this, the Brewhouse is seeking and asking for financial support from agencies and the public. The vision of expansion and relocating was supposed to be for high-quality art programmes.

The Taunton Theatre Association runs a charity for saving the Brewhouse. With the warning of uncertain threats of its future, they still hope to save it when it happens.

A TTA spokesperson said that the Taunton Council will put the project on hold. In addition, revision of its business plan for expansion had been at assessment as well. At this time, the opportunity to ask for support to the public was grabbed by the Taunton Theatre Association.

The public can donate some financial support for its town centre theatre. The fund that will be collected will be used in sustaining the Brewhouse’s financial needs during and after the project.

The council is also considering to grant funding to help the TTA. However, it is still being reviewed and expected to finish at the next full council meeting next month.

The Brewhouse may be at stake but with the help of the public and councils, it hopes to be saved.

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