The Unbound Sketchbook Set to Perform at Exeter Fringe Festival

The Unbound Sketchbook Set to Perform at Exeter Fringe Festival

Catch the witty and amusing performance of The Unbound Sketchbook and get ready for their comedic sketches and entertaining pages and acts from start to finish. This is a part of the 2019 Exeter Fringe Festival.

The well-received Unbound Sketchbook gathered a strong catalogue of comedy sketches over the past 3 years. Today, they’re ready to hit the road with their hilarious skits from their collection put together in an all-original show backed by their brilliant and creative team.

Witness all kinds of fun in this event. Check out how a pirate and a farmer get down to the ultimate battle of accents, see how things turn up when the self-service checkout grows out its own conscience, and witness what happens when a dictator discovers the power of social media. These and more will make your night.

Kati Fogg, Gareth Johnson, Hannah Rogers, Pete Benson, and Alistair Sanderson are to perform their 60-minute set and draw together the best-loved materials from The Unbound Sketchbook’s pages which are written by Pete, Brian Murray, Dario Knight, and Gareth.

After their string of fruitful productions, The Unbound Sketchbook has become one of the fast-growing names in the region. Their tours and live performances are becoming all the more sought-after. Plus, they already have released sitcoms, panel games, podcasts, audio sketch shows, and more available on Spotify, iTunes, and Soundcloud.

Prepare for a fun and amusing evening filled with high-quality, intelligent comedy from witty wordplay to silly visuals plus a hint of mirthful music. If you’re a lover of legit wit, you are welcome to join the club. It’s a fabulous show and can easily be your favourite. Aylesbury’s home-grown comedy team is your kind of witty best friends.

Catch the team at the Barnfield Theatre, Saturday, August 3rd at 4 pm. Tickets are sold at £14.50. Buy yours at

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