War of the Worlds Film Crew Complied with City Council to Close City Centre Road in Bristol

War of the Worlds Film Crew Complied with City Council to Close City Centre Road in Bristol

A local newspaper was contacted by a frustrated resident regarding the closure of Deanery Road in Bristol’s city centre on Sunday (March 3) and Monday (March 4).

The woman claimed that the production company, which at the time was filming scenes for the new series War of the Worlds, refused the entrance of residents. She also mentioned that the road’s closure was done without prior notice and that the company’s catering tents were set up in the disabled bays outside the central library.

However, despite the resident’s frustrations, Bristol’s film office (part of Bristol’s City Council) confirmed that the production company had complied with proper protocol and were given permission to close the road at certain times and use the disabled bays. They also said that the disabled bays were still accessible to those who need them.

They confirmed that the production company procured a permit to allow them to use and close the street for filming on March 3rd and 4th, between the hours of 6:30 AM and 5 PM.

It was also reported that residents of the affected area were informed beforehand that the road was to be closed to give way to filming (they were, in point of  fact, given letters and maps) and that the area was only closed at certain hours, not overnight as the resident had claimed.

It should be noted that when streets are closed for production, road markings such as those of disabled bays do not apply during the times stated in the permit. Nevertheless, the production crew is expected to work with the public to guarantee that access will be given to those who need it.

The upcoming adaptation of HG Wells’ novel will consist of eight hour-long episodes and will be set in present-day Europe. Filming will take place all across the UK and France.

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