The Wurzels, a Lot Older than the Rolling Stones Members Combined

The Wurzels, a Lot Older than the Rolling Stones Members Combined

The Wurzels, which is a West Country band who set the Wurzelmania hit in the UK back in November 1966, is now a lot older than The Rolling Stones’ combined age of 294 years.

With over 50 years in the music industry, the band is still going strong. The lyrics composed by original member Adge Cutler certainly has made the band a favorite in the late 60s. Nowadays, they certainly are one of the oldest groups who’re still on a roll.

Their accordionist and pianist, Tommy, stated that he’s already forgotten his exact birthday but can somehow recall that it’s not in the southwest. He started playing for the band back in 1967 and has appeared in various musical performances throughout Scotland.

Pete, who plays the banjo and guitar, played a number of bands back then before he joined the band in 1972. Their drummer, John, was from Lydney were he worked as a session musician before joining the band in 1981.

Meanwhile, Sedge, the youngest of the group, has only been part of the band for the past twelve years. However, he tries to make up for it by playing plenty of instruments.

The band continued performing in various clubs back then, though they have never made it to the spotlight. It was until 2000 when Sil Wilcox, their new manager, placed the band back and released a new album titled “Never Mind the Bullocks”.

Since then, the demand for music from The Wurzels has prompted them to release more albums, even appearing on TV shows and performing various tours despite being in their 80s already. They recently played back on July 12 outside Tavistock, with a total of more than 20 gigs this year alone.

Aside from that, there are more than 30 shows where these old folks will appear. Apparently, they’ll keep on going as long as people enjoy their shows and they enjoy performing as well.

Catch The Wurzels on their live performances and shows as you raise a glass of West County sunshine. Together, we could surpass The Rolling Stones!

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