Sand of Music Festival Alive at Westward Ho!

Sand of Music Festival Alive at Westward Ho!

While the European elections were going on, the Westward Ho three-day music event went off at the Waterfront Inn without a glitch. The Sand of Music festival in Westward Ho began on Friday, May 24. The event was promoted by the organizer Rob Braddick through a parody video where he featured as Nigel Farage with milkshake thrown on him. Also, in the video was a guy wiping his nose, which we found to be really funny. With all the political tension and havoc, the parody video has become increasingly popular because it offered relief to the European elections.

The weekend-long fiesta provided a pleasurable environment where the attendees got to enjoy great music and good company. On Saturday, ravers enjoyed good music from The Rogues, Soul Intention, Wild Strawberries, UB40 tributes, Big Al, and Revolvin Door. Sunday saw music from artists like The Rasscals, Maybe Naked, Zamba, Spaced Invaders, and The 5.15. The great live music also came as a relief especially after the loss of the prime minister on Friday.

Rob who was the event’s organizer is also popular for the free car park which is at the end of the Braddicks resort. In fact, the car park is two times free since it was enlarged. According to Rob, the Sand of Music event which takes place annually is free and the prices were not increased for the said event. He also noted that the venue is capable of accommodating 1000 people, and the event was a massive success as more people turned out.

Some commenters who were interviewed said that there was an increase to the weekends’ climax due to the European election results. It is believed that this was due to the long hours spent at the bars in the event. However, this information is unclear and not yet confirmed.



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