Meet the talented buskers along the streets of Cornwall

Meet the talented buskers along the streets of Cornwall

August may not be the sunniest summer in Cornwall, but that doesn’t stop a slew of talented buskers from performing in some of the most famous towns throughout Cornwall. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Karie Meldrum from Penzance

Karie has started busking in the streets of Penzance within the past ten years. Now, he’s been one of the most well-known buskers in town.

He started busking back when his wife filed a divorce with him, leaving him to take care of his then two-year-old son. For him, busking is a means to an end and is one of the best ways he can make a living out of his talent and passion.

Isaac Salaman from St. Austell

Isaac Salaman is a young but pretty talented busker who hailed from St. Austell. He’s learned to play the guitar and even sings a lot of music from the Beatles and other known bands.

When busking, he donates 20% of the money he receives to charity. He views the hobby as a means of sharing his talents with others while helping other people in the process.

Cat Whatley from Washaway

Cat is a new face in town, having only started busking just about a month ago. She used to live in London but is now residing in Washaway.

According to her, she does write music on her own and loves performing classics like The Eagles and Blondie.

Lee Coleman from Falmouth

Lee Coleman is a regular who has a significant fan base which he gathered throughout his years of busking. He often performs in the streets of Falmouth and even in Truro.

Based on his spectators, Coleman is a fun and entertaining guy to watch. He makes everyone brighten up their day not just because of his talent but also because of his fun and genuine character.

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