Cheltenham 2019: Merry Luxurious Christmas!

Cheltenham 2019: Merry Luxurious Christmas!
Szabo Viktor/Unsplash

The most luxurious winter wonderland is coming to Cheltenham. The winter fest will be hosted by the promenade and the event will be held at the house’s back terrace. There will be a Christmas house, music and entertainment and winter menu.

The winter wonderland will be open all throughout December. The schedules for open entrance are as follows:

5pm – 10pm Monday to Wednesday

12nn – 10pm Thursday to Saturday

12nn until 9pm on Sundays

Top attractions in the place include the luxurious Christmas chandelier, the 20 ft. tall sparkling Christmas tree, the photo booths and the bar. There will also be a schedule for children’s rides, performers, and local bands.

The open entrance is applicable only for photo booths without the inclusion of rides and food. Tickets may be purchased to enjoy all services and entertainment offered in the place.Tickets are ranging from $10-$15.

The place is expected to be crowded on the 10th since the Santa grotto will be lighten up on that date. It will be a free entrance and the lighting up ceremony will start at 6 pm and the event is expected to close around 10 pm.

The winter menu will also provide for adult beverages and kids’ meals. There will also be a resting place which will provide you with a rental Christmas blanket. The Christmas photo booth will be open for all for free.

There are also tents around the place that will serve as both an information and lost and found center. Its purpose is also to maximize security and to monitor children. The police will also be observing the areas for security and strict implementation of policies.

For more details regarding the events and schedule of performances, you may follow the official Facebook page and social media accounts of Cheltenham’s The Promenade. You may purchase tickets online on the actual date of your visit.

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