How Bristol Restaurants Are Dealing with No-Show People

How Bristol Restaurants Are Dealing with No-Show People

In this age, it’s quite easy to book for reservations in restaurants. With technology and all, a few minutes and some clicking are all that you will need to reserve a table in restaurants. Now, customers often feel like not showing up to their reserved time and date in a restaurant is just okay as they assume that the restaurant can just fill the spot easily. However, that is not the case. Many restaurant owners who experience no-show from people who reserved seats in their restaurant have said that contrary to what people think, this act actually cost them more than what people realize. That is why restaurant owners in Bristol have come up with ways to avoid or deal with this problem.

Naming and Shaming

For some restaurants, this is an effective, although particularly not good, method to stop people from reserving tables and then not showing up afterwards. One of the restaurants that use this method is The Cauldron in St. Werburgh’s. The restaurant gets the attention of these no-show people that booked tables on busy days by posting their names and calling them out on social media.

Deposit Schemes

Some resorted to deposit schemes to handle no-show customers. Sister Restaurants, Pasta Loco and Pasta Ripiena use this method. Upon booking, they ask for the customer’s credit card details to charge them of 25 pounds if they don’t show up on their reserved time and date. The owners have apologized for requiring customers’ credit card details but said that they do this because it’s unfair to the people they have to say no to because the tables are already booked and the people who rely on the business.

Ticketing System

Casamia, one of the well-known restaurants in Bristol, has decided to use a ticketing system in their booking and reservations. They introduced a prepaid “Tock” system of ticketing to counter the problem of having no-show customers.

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