Woman from Newton Abbot builds pub at the garden so her husband will stop going to the local pub

Woman from Newton Abbot builds pub at the garden so her husband will stop going to the local pub
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Jayne Tapper of Newton Abbot, 48, has grown tired of her husband Paul leaving the house to visit the local pub every day. Therefore, she devised a plan of building her own pub in the backyard garden so her husband will no longer leave their house.

The cabin-style pub, which Jayne called the Doghouse Inn, took around five months to construct. After the construction was complete, the pub is now the place where Paul along with his buddies host parties.

Jayne, who was a nurse, stated that her husband has always kept on heading to the local pub, and despite her efforts, she wasn’t able to keep him at home. This is when she got the idea of creating her own pub so she can tell people that her husband’s in the doghouse.

She recalled the project costing her thousands of cash, with just having the garden levelled out costing more than £15,000.

After the pub was completed, she mentioned that her husband no longer visits the local pub. At first, it simply looked like a log house, so she kept on transforming it until it turned into an astounding mini pub. Their children were amazed at the project, and they all love it too since they can invite their friends to their own pub without having to spend all of their money.

According to Jayne, it cost her more than £4,000 to build the cabin. However, this will allow them to save more money since they no longer need to pay for expensive drinks in the local pub. Also, they no longer have to spend on an Uber just to get a ride back home after drinking.

She also added that the pub isn’t just a man cave for her husband as she also uses it for spending a lot of her happy nights there.

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