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Woman from Newton Abbot builds pub at the garden so her husband will stop going to the local pub

Jayne Tapper of Newton Abbot, 48, has grown tired of her husband Paul leaving the house to visit the local pub every day. Therefore,...

Creative Culture South West is Back!

Summer may be over but so is Creative Culture South West’s short hiatus! An arts and culture enterprise based in Exeter, Southwest England, CCSW...

Exeter Fringe Festival Takes Place This Summer with More Than 100 Performances

Brace yourself this July. The inaugural Exeter Fringe Festival is ready to rock the month with more than 100 performances at Barnfield Theatre and...

The Unbound Sketchbook Set to Perform at Exeter Fringe Festival

Catch the witty and amusing performance of The Unbound Sketchbook and get ready for their comedic sketches and entertaining pages and acts from start...