Jo Nesbo: Exclusive event at The Corn Exchange, Exeter

Jo Nesbo: Exclusive event at The Corn Exchange, Exeter

Harry Hole fans have all the reasons to get ultra-excited as best-selling author Jo Nesbo appears at The Corn Exchange, Exeter, this 18th July @ 7.30pm (doors 6.45pm). After having written 12 thrillers featuring the bold, brilliant, and rogue Harry Hole, the fans can only expect all the more excitement in this new release.

Before writing thrillers, Jo Nesbo was a rock musician, a stockbroker, a reporter, a rock-climber, a professional footballer, and an economist. Now, he’s deemed as a major force in what is dubbed the “Nordic Noir”. His best-selling thrillers featuring Oslo Detective Harry Hole are what keep millions of readers coming back for more.

As of March 2019, over 3 million copies of his sought-after novels are sold in Norway, and his works are translated into more than 44 languages, selling 33 million copies all over the globe.

Jo Nesbo is a definite legend as his flawed yet iconic detective Harry Hole is hailed as “The greatest literary export in Norway”. His dark, graphically violent thrillers rock the world of fiction in Norway and beyond.

In a promotional view for the upcoming novel Knife, Jo Nesbø says,

“I’ve been brutal to my main character before, but never this brutal.”

“I don’t feel it’s my job as a writer to be nice to my readers or to please myself”. He added, “There is a sort of gravity in the story because the series about Harry Hole is a tragedy. So there are certain things that are unavoidable, and I just have to go with that, an inner logic about Harry. I just have to go with that.”

Knife is now the 12th in his huge crime novel series. Harry Hole is surely a household name among readers who adore crime Nordic, dark, and stoic hints. This release is said to be Jo Nesbo’s darkest case yet.

Don’t miss the chance to join in the dark kind of fun as the man behind the page joins us on July 18, at The Corn Exchange, Exeter 7.30pm. Signed copies of Knife are available on this sought-after evening. Grab your copy and check out how this bloody story ends as Harry Hole comes face to face with another deadly foe.

For more details, call 01392 665938.

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