What needs to be solved in Bristol


Cable members were asked to provide challenges which they would want to be solved in the city. The issues raised were mainly concerned with housing and transport.


In the transport sector, most people have been experiencing congestion, patchy infrastructure, poor but expensive bus services, pedestrians struggling to fit in big roads, and expensive bus services. Most housing issues included the effects of air pollution on health and the impact carbon has on climate. However, cable members insisted on roads around the city. Most roads in the city are busy while it is also very difficult to travel using public transport. This is because buses are usually late, expensive, and have poor connectivity to workplaces and residential areas. On the other hand, the use of private cars makes Bristol more depressing and unlivable while people have lost their lives out of pollution.


In recent times, Bristol has received a lot of attention since it announced that it was to ban diesel cars from the city square as part of the clean air zone which was announced last year. Some cities are ahead by making sure that there are areas with no cars. While other cities have also announced that they will restrict private cars on a journey around the city center. Restricting cars in Bristol city will help in reducing air pollution and improving the quality of life. However, businesses and other technical issues will negatively be affected.


Making changes in the city can be radical, but it is possible.


Bristol is thought to have more cycling infrastructure as compared to other cities. Cycling has been made safer by various inventive roads. In 2019 cyclist in Amsterdam were given devices which allowed them to record and report unsafe, clumsy, and complicated traffic situations. These records can be used by planners to upgrade their cycling network and situations. Improvement has started being implemented in Bristol, and the council is trying to make cycling safer.

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