Valais Blacknose Sheep Society UK To Host Its Largest Show To Date


The Valais Blacknose Sheep Society aims to persuade and pique the interest of the farmers and those people who support the breed. Currently, there are only 13,700 that are registered in the country and it is still considered as a rare breed. Through this show, they plan to showcase as to why this breed is worth having; at the same time, they encourage people to see them personally to check the breed and see what they can offer.


Additionally, as part of the society’s goal to educate farmers and other interested people about this rare breed, there will be an orientation about the breed that will be conducted by the judges from the Sheep Society and demonstrations like shearing and fleece care which will be done by Cwtchi Coo. The free demonstration aims to lure young handlers to be a part of the next in line breeders. Within the two days of the show, there are various workshops that are available. A public BBQ will also be held on August 23 to those that would like to socialize and get to know other people from the society.

The Show and Sale swear to make this year’s event as their biggest celebration of the United Kingdom’s quick-growing breed of sheep. This year, there are over 100 people who are now a member of the society that was established last 2014. They are anticipating more than 200 animals to be a part of the show, which will become the most number of entries that happened in the show’s history. This year’s Show and Sale offers people free parking and admission. However, the public BBQ is open to the public but will require people to purchase a ticket before attending. With this, the Valais Sheep Society is eager to repeat the success of its last year’s event.




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