Two Arrested for Participating in Covid Anti Lockdown Protests in Truro

Two Arrested for Participating in Covid Anti Lockdown Protests in Truro

Two people were arrested in Truro City yesterday afternoon after engaging in a brawl with the police officers. The two were a young woman aged 19 years and a male of 37 years, among other people that participated in the protest.

The Devon and Cornwall Police Spokesman justified these arrests by confirming that the police officer had an obligation to protect the public from harm. This protection includes guiding the coronavirus guidelines that have been put in place to reduce the disease’s spread.

No person has a right to flout the laws, and therefore the law has authorized such people to be put behind bars in order to protect the innocent ones. It is, therefore, unlawful to hold gatherings that encourage the easy spread of the coronavirus.

The police spokesman also noted that the police commanders had observed a significant number of people breaching the COVID 19 legislations despite knowing the consequences. This trend was observed in this protest, where even after being warned to disperse, a few people remained behind.

A woman’s voice was heard complaining about how the arrest was not necessary from the videos taken. She said that the protests aimed at speaking the truth, which was not a crime. She also alleged that the police said that they would only release her after the crowd dispersed.

Another man from the video said that the protests were only meant to highlight peoples’ rights and freedom. The flyers held by the participants indicated that they were fighting for freedom, which has been moderated due to lockdown measures put by the government.

However, it is so evident from the video that some people attending the rally did not observe coronavirus guidelines. They had neither worn masks nor observed social distancing rules.

The CCTV footage will be used for further investigations regarding the arrests made by the police.

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