Truro and New Glasgow Army Cadets Learn Survival Techniques During Winter Season

Winter Season

Jolie Thibodeau and Blade Turner-Maclean were among the seven cadets who took up three days coarse that build field and leadership skills.

The army cadets from Truro and New Glasgow were introduced to winter outdoor living over the weekend.

Six cadets, who were all none commissioned officers, were taught how to construct dwelling places using bushes and branches. They were also instructed to build ice blocks to shield themselves against snowshoes on rough grounds and gunfire. Their assistants were reservists from Nova Scotia Highlanders.

Blade Turner-Maclean, a cadet warrant officer, noted that he was happy to learn new things. He further stated that what he learned during the training would greatly assist him to better his cadet career. He also asserted that the skill and experience he learned would help him to mentor other young cadets.

The skills and expertise learned from the training are very important since they will assist in problem-solving such as tobogganing and coming up with army-style Arctic tents, which will protect the cadets from extreme cold. Lighting fires and coming up with some makeshift shelters is essential, especially in cold weather environments.

Turner Maclean, who is one of the Truro royal Canadian army cadets, was happy about the chance he got to work along with older and experienced members of the military.

The training that took place from January 10th -12 gave the cadets a chance to nature their skills, such as teamwork and leadership. Truro, Turner-Maclean will be required to train to the other 15 cadets.

Apart from the training is a chance for the military officials to develop their leadership skills, it allowed Turner Maclean and other cadets to learn effectively without being responsible for others.

Turner Mac-clean is considering pursuing a career in law enforcement after leaving in the military. However, he has not decided on what he wants to do.


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