Queen Victoria Inn in Somerset to Undergo Transformation into a Life-size Gingerbread Pub


The Queen Victoria Inn located at Priddy is a Somerset pub that is to be transformed into a life-size gingerbread this year.

Mark Walton, the owner of the inn, is currently busy placing the final touches of decorations on the massive gingerbread house, as well as new features for the Christmas light switch.

Last year, the pub’s switch-on event attracted a larger crowd than the place could contain, and this year, it is trying to break records once more with even bigger decorations.

Some of the outside decorations include sweets, candy canes, gingerbread men and more. For the past two years, the ‘bottle tree’ has been a major attraction point. In 2016, the lit-up Christmas tree was made up of wine bottles served at the pub throughout the year. They stored the bottles and attached a wired tree-shaped structure to create the attraction. This year, it appears that they are planning to build a ‘bottle snowman.’

The Christmas lights will come on at The Queen Victoria Inn at Priddy at 6pm on Wednesday, November 28.