Potentially Catastrophic Fire Stopped by Firefighters and Utility Workers in Torquay

Potentially Catastrophic Fire Stopped by Firefighters and Utility Workers in Torquay

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A fire broke out in Ferndale Mews, Torquay at 12.15 PM, April 25, 2021. The blaze damaged two sheds, a car, and a wooden decking. It was also reported to have put numerous garages at risk of destruction. A man was also reported to have suffered health problems due to smoke inhalation. He was quickly sent for medical treatment.

The Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service firefighters were called in action to help control the blaze. Reports suggested that a gas pipe was also damaged by the fire, which needed numerous utility workers to be called to action. Local residents report that the roads were blocked during the whole operation.

Two fire appliances were also dispatched from Torquay Fire Station after numerous calls from local residents stating that the fire was rapidly spreading in someone’s home garden. After arriving in mere minutes, the crew immediately requested another appliance from Paignton. This is because the blaze had spread to a nearby car and shed. It was also at a high risk of spreading to some garages.

There were also reports that a gas pipe, which connected to three homes, was damaged by the fire. This could’ve caused major damage to the area. Final reports from the Wales & Waste Utilities Gas Emergency Service Manager for Torquay, Richard Marks, states that a gas pipe outside a home was leaking, which then burst ablaze.

While the firefighting crew was working to control the fire, the engineers were working as quickly and safely as possible to isolate the damaged pipe to secure the area.

After a few hours, the fire was controlled and the pipe was successfully isolated. All of the residents were allowed to return to their homes safely. Richard Marks stated that there was no negative impact on the reliability and safety of the gas supplies in the local area.

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