Penair School Students Sent Home After Peaceful Protest

Penair School Students Sent Home After Peaceful Protest

Penair School in Truro sent a group of students home following a protest. The protest, led mostly by female students, was held for students facing abuse by their peers, commented by the school.

James Davidson, the headteacher at Penair School, had asked students from the protest to go back to their classes. However, the remaining who did not heed the request were fetched by their parents upon contact with the school.

Mr. Davidson addressed the issue that the school is continually coordinating with their students to reduce the hateful comments based on their differences.

However, news outlets had talked to some parents of the protesters and they claim that the students held it because of the change in the school’s dress code. Last year, Penair advised a halt of the school uniform due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Parents of the students had their qualms with the change since then.

A mother of a student reached out to a news outlet about the issue of uniforms. She shared that parents of the school can’t afford more clothes for the students to wear in school and that the girls were vulnerable to bullying because of the clothes they wear.

The headteacher asked parents for support with the temporary removal of the school uniform. He explains that the act aimed to help parents financially and that students might not bear the heat as summer nears. He also advised the parents that if a student arrives at school without following the dress code, they may be called to fetch the student to change into appropriate clothes.

The change in their dress code is not permanent. Students will return to school in their uniforms later in the coming school year. Penair still wishes respect among all students to create a safe school environment for all gender, race, and religion.

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