Partnership Promotes The Matford Centre As A Flu Vaccination Venue

Partnership Promotes The Matford Centre As A Flu Vaccination Venue
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This autumn, the Matford Centre will be used to give flu injections to thousands of patients. To provide innovative and creative solutions to protect patients who need to be vaccinated against the flu, Stagecoach South West and Exeter City Council have teamed up with St Thomas (STMG). This group consists of Exwick Health Centre, St. Thomas Health Centre and Pathfinder Village Surgery. This is the first practice of its kind in Devon.

STMG was established in 1969 and has a sum of 40,000 patients. This number includes the on-campus Student Health Centre at the University of Exeter. The average number of 8,000 patients. General practitioners involved with the group are expected to administer 10,500 injections. This will happen this year since the government has broadened the eligibility criteria.

The rooms at STMG seem small, more so during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Maintaining social distance would be difficult with a large number of patients. It will not be easy to keep the thirty members of staff and patients safe. To solve this problem, STMG has partnered with Stagecoach and Exeter City Council to find other ways of vaccinating eligible patients.

Stagecoach will increase vehicles on the High Street past the Matford Centre. On the other hand, STMG will implement a vaccination delivery programme at the Matford Centre located on Marsh Barton. According to the Managing Partner for STMG, Dr Emma Green, the Matford Centre is spacious and well-ventilated. Therefore, it will ensure social distancing during this crisis. She adds that vaccines are important in safeguarding the immunity of the UK population.

The Matford Centre is a suitable place due to its all-round, warm and dry environment. It also has a large and well-ventilated indoor space. Moreover, it’s available ample parking enables social distancing. It also has a no-queuing system.

Dates for the pilot programme have already been set. All people under 65 years of age will visit the Centre on Wednesday, the 21st of October. Those aged 65 and above will visit the Centre on Saturday the 19th of September and Saturday the 3rd of October.

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