Newquay Airport Could be a Training Ground for Oppressive Regimes’ Pilots

Newquay Airport Could be a Training Ground for Oppressive Regimes’ Pilots
Richard Hoare/Wikimedia Commons

An investigative report recently published on Daily Maverick shows that the Newquay Airport could be a ground for training oppressive regimes pilots around the world.  These regimes are notoriously known for inhumane actions that violate human rights as indicated by Amnesty International.

The airport was granted full operational rights by the Military Aviation Authority. However, there seems to be more information that the public might be willing to know.

According to Phil Miller, an investigative journalist, the airport has been recruiting more trainees from the Nigerian air force. In fact, when he visited the place in October, about 10 Nigerian aircrews were learning in the institution.

According to Miller, the Nigerian Air force has also purchased the aircraft that was used to train the Nigerians.  This is a red flag to Newquay because Boko Haram is one of the terrorist groups in Nigeria that has been violating human rights.

As a matter of concern, the Nigerian Airforce supplies the pilots with infrared sensors and guns. It’s more frightening to note that the UK Ministry of Defence has sponsored Cobham’s Company but has no idea that some Nigerians are training there.

In October, there have also been claims that the Cornwall Air Ambulance did not attend to emergency calls by an aircraft. During a meeting at the Cornwall airport Newquay consultative forum, this issue was raised by a representative who said that the delays of attending to critical patients were caused by a helicopter flying over the helipad.

On the other hand, the airport denied these allegations and said that there were no more delays experienced at the airport. The reason why this issue was raised is because of the legitimate concerns of the pilots.

Air Traffic Control was recognized because of the great support that it had offered in life-saving activities.

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