New Video Campaign Promoting St Ives Town as a Tourist Destination

New Video Campaign Promoting St Ives Town as a Tourist Destination
Harbour Beach, St. Ives, Cornwall

The Cornish seaside town of St. Ives has released a new video to promote the town. The video was produced by St Ives Business Improvement District (BID) in a bid to help town businesses. It also aims to encourage tourism and reassure tourist safety.

The objective of the video titled ‘Welcome Back to St Ives’ is to inform visitors of recent safety measures that have been undertaken after the easing of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions. Some of the measures put in place include; patrolling marshals in the beaches and towns to ensure all people’s safety during the pandemic and closing of roads to allow free movement of people in town.

In addition to informing people about these safety measures, the video also stirs travellers’ interest with images of St. Ives’ art galleries, autonomous shops, and beautiful beaches. This move promotes it as a great tourist destination.

By marketing St Ives as a staycation destination all through the year, the BID hopes to revive the town’s tourism sector. They are targeting visitors who may choose UK based tourist destinations as an alternative. The visitors include those barred from travelling abroad due to Covid-19 restrictions.

With the reopening of restaurants, shops, and accommodation, St.Ives Town Council and St.Ives BID worked hand in hand to introduce various measures. These measures promote the safety of residents, workers, and visitors against Covid-19.

According to the BID manager Hellen Tripconey, the action plan was tailored to suit the unique qualities of the small fishing town of St. Ives. It also obeys the set-down government rules.

This video is great since it shares measures in place for visitors. It also provides reassurance to them and promotes the town. Hellen adds that the town is getting busier as they come out of their initial opening stage. Therefore, visitors and holidaymakers are encouraged to plan ahead.

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