New Revised four Star Hotel Proposal by the Fragrance Group: Once Again Objected by the Torquay Locals

The three-story Cornbyn Head Hotel subjected to redevelopment

The locals of Torquay, a well-developed town of England, again disapproved for the second time a hotel proposal from Fragrance group. Fragrance group is a Singapore-based group that established its name in terms of developing high-quality hotels.

The three-story Cornbyn Head Hotel subjected to redevelopment

One of the hotels developed by Fragrance is the Corbyn Head Hotel. Corbyn Head Hotel existed with 52 bedrooms since 1990 by Fragrance group. However, this three-story hotel currently has 45 bedrooms left and was approved for renovation. Corbyn Head Hotel is one of the four hotels that are subjected to redevelopment.

June 2019 when the Fragrance group presented the first proposal to the locality of Torquay. This proposal was all about demolishing the Corbyn Head Hotel in exchange for a four-star hotel.

However, the Councillors objected the first proposal because of the following reasons. First, the proposed building is too high and too huge. Secondly, there’s no enough parking lot within the area, which could impact the customers even the neighborhood.

July 2019 when the fragrance went back and present again another hotel design. The proposal was about the establishment of the four-star hotel. This six-story hotel will be having a spa home in a total number of 152 bedrooms.

Moreover, considering the comments of the Councillors, they decreased the hotels’ height by 1 meter and alter its design. Also, they added their plans for parking, traffic, and transport. They revised the design of the top floor purposely not to block the view from some part of the building.

Despite the changes made, the developers again received 300 objections, with insignificant supports from the people. Among the 307 accumulated public comments, 282 people objected the hotel proposal. On the other hand, Fragrance group only gain 17 supports from the locals.

What might the reasons of the 300 objections from the locals? Whatever reasons are they, it would be the involvement of future problems the locality want to eliminate.


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