More Than 100 Youths Start Fire in Newquay Dunes and Breach Covid Restrictions

More Than 100 Youths Start Fire in Newquay Dunes and Breach Covid Restrictions

More than 100 youths started fires in Newquay and caused many littering after the government lifted the Covid restrictions on Monday.

Though most people have been making up for time lost in quarantine by taking advantage of the ease of regulations, police in Newquay have been receiving a lot of calls from the community regarding some people defying the restriction rules.

More than 100 youths discarded disposable barbeques in the Fistral dunes and started fire in them. Following the fire in the dunes, Newquay Community Fire Station was to the scene to stop the fire. This is the second night this week that the Newquay Community Fire Station has been called regarding fires at the dunes.

According to the fire station spokesman, the dunes affected were the Surfers Against Sewage, Friends of Fistral Dunes, and Fistral Beach Clean.  He went on to urge the residents not to damp rubbish or light fires in the dunes, adding that the locals were working hard to look after them.

The police indicated that some locals of Newquay had breached Covid restrictions before the government lifted the restrictions. On March 20th, residents notified the police about a house party that was being held illegally. The police arrived at the property and apprehended the owner of the house.

As lockdown is eased in the area, people are encouraged to adhere to the Covid-regulations and not throw caution to the wind.  The police are calling for locals to take care of themselves and uphold the ease measures.

The police spokesperson has asked residents to adhere by the COVID-19 regulations even as the government eases the restrictions. The spokesperson went on to say that anyone breaching the regulations will be reported if there is enough evidence against them.

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