Long Vaccination Queues Spotted in Truro’s Vaccination Centre

Long Vaccination Queues Spotted in Truro’s Vaccination Centre

Large queues have been witnessed in the Truro vaccination centre. Hundreds of people waited outside Reeds Pharmacy in France Street to get their jabs. The queues went past The Wig and Pen Pub up to Castle Street.

The centre, which is currently being used for coronavirus vaccination, has witnessed a smooth operation, thanks to the volunteers manning it. The people’s strong will to be vaccinated could be a result of the success stories of those who have already undergone the injection process.

According to the NHS, Cornwall has already received 127,802 and 7,071 doses for the first and second jabs. Therefore, it is expected that most of the high-risk groups have received the first dose.

The prospected number of people to receive the vaccination by mid-February was 88,000. This number has been achieved, and the NHS has surpassed its expectations.

About 95.6% of people aged 80 years and above have been injected. This age group remains to be at the top of high-risk groups for coronavirus. Therefore, NHS has ensured that individuals belonging to this group get the jab first.

Nonetheless, a group of young adults, including those in the frontline health and social care jobs, have received the jab. This is because they more vulnerable to get the virus and vaccinating them will help reduce the spread of the virus.

The high-risk groups that have enjoyed the first service include 80 years and above, 75 years to 79 years, 70 to 74 years, and those that are clinically vulnerable. Rame Group Practice has said that they have managed to vaccinate about 90% of people in the uppermost risk categories.

Truro has continued to provide nation since the opening of vaccination centres towards the end of January. NHS aims at vaccinating many people against the deadly Covid-19.

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