In Newquay, every day is a holiday


The streets of Newquay are busy as ever before while hotels and restaurants are  fully booked. Locals have also noted that the town has become busier than ever before.

This is unexpected given the social distancing rules and how people should avoid crowded places.

Despite hotels and businesses operating with a reduced capacity,  they have reported increased sales. However, some are turning away customers to help keep up with COVID-19 measures.

The beaches have continued to become popular while the town centre is crowded with people.

According to an RNLI lifeguard supervisor, beaches located at the North Coast have never been as busy as they are today. Traffic queues are being witnessed along the Gannel.

After a moment of silence when Coronavirus hit the world, Newquay is bouncing back. When Newquay was reopened on July 4, businesses were a bit slow but things started to get crazy.

Businessmen such as  Morries Pasties and Sam Hunter have noted that they have never been this busy since they started their businesses eight years ago.

Hotels have turned way people because of lack of space.  Locals have noted that Newquay has become busier because of a good reputation that has been created by businesses.

According to Cornwall tourism boss, most visitors are local travelers, and very few are staying visitors. He further noted that this is expected at this time of the years.

However, not everyone is happy now that the town is crowded. Most locals are complaining on social media pages describing the town as ”absolute madness” while others do not want to get out of their houses because of the crowds.

However, most locals both in Newquay and Cornwall are welcoming visitors given than a third of the income of these towns mainly depends on visitors.



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