Household Gathering Limit Set to be Reduced in Bridgwater and all of England

Household Gathering Limit Set to be Reduced in Bridgwater and all of England

Due to the latest surge in the Coronavirus cases, the government is tackling new rules when it comes to indoor gatherings. A government source has said that the maximum number of people will be reduced from 30to only 6 people.

The said rule will apply across England, and it will include restaurants, pubs, parks, and private residences. It is also for all ages. The full implementation guideline will be released on September 9, 2020. 

Chief scientific adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance, and chief medical officer, Professor Chris Whitty, agreed that such action is urgently needed after the rapid spike of new positive cases. This is part of toughening up the guidelines in hopes of mitigating the virus transmission among the public. 

As of September 8, a total of 2,948 new cases of Coronavirus were reported. This is one the highest figure since May 22, 2020 which was the height of the first wave of the pandemic within the UK. The day before that (Septem 7, 2020), 2,988 cases were reported. 

Professor Jonathan Van-Tam expressed last Monday that the public is too relaxed during the summer, which is a factor that adds to the rising number of cases. This is something to be of “great concern.” 

The professor has also stated that the public warned the public to take extra precautions because the situation is incredibly serious, and it will continue to be difficult in the coming months. 

Prof. Van-Tam is also urging the public officials and health officials to step up in their management of the crisis and to think of not only short-term solutions. 

This advice was positively received by secretary Matt Hancock, and he reminded the younger people of the danger and seriousness of the situation during an interview with BBC Radio 1. 

Last September 7, the health secretary also pledged to those people that there would be no more need to travel far for a test. 


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