Eight More Areas Added to the List of Cornwall’s Coronavirus Clusters

Eight More Areas Added to the List of Cornwall’s Coronavirus Clusters
Raimond Spekking/Wikimedia Commons

The daily update by the UK government and Public Health England has reported eight more areas to the coronavirus clusters in Cornwall.

The UK government has divided areas into groups of 7,500 people. After the coronavirus pandemic hit the country, the government decided that these groups will act as clusters. If more than three people contracted the virus in a week, an area was identified as a cluster.

However, these numbers are not rolled over to a new week. They have to be removed to pave the way for new records of the following week.

The areas that appeared in this week’s list of the cluster map (18-24 October) are The Lizard, St Germans and St Mellion, Altarnun and Stoke Climsland, Chacewater and Carnon Downs, Shortlanesend, Saltashtown and Pillmere, St Just and Land’s End, and Newquay East, Trewoon, Coombe, and Foxhole.

Areas that reported 0-2 cases were removed from the cluster map. Hence during this week, three regions did not appear on the map. These areas are St Agnes and Mount Hawke and Crowan, Wendron and Stithians, and Roche and Goss Moor.

A significant surge has been witnessed in Kingsand, Maryfield, and Anthony cluster. This week the area reported an additional case bringing a total of 39. This spike results from an outbreak at the Royal Navy base at HMS, which is in South East Cornwall.

This data does not include a single case reported on October 17. However, areas that not on this week’s list do not indicate that there are no cases. The locations might have numbers between 0 and 2, which does not qualify to be a coronavirus cluster.

However, some areas have remained in the cluster map, but they have not shown any change in the number of coronavirus cases. The majority of the places in this week’s cluster map have between 5 to 8 cases.

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