Citizens Advice Interventions: North Devon and Torridge Residents Saved Millions of Pounds


 The work of Citizens Advice Torridge, North, Mid and West Devon has in the past half year enabled thousands of residents of Torridge to save £2.4 million whilst also saving thousands others from North Devon £476,990 according to the charity’s analysis.

Specific interventions of the charity, among others, include regular assistance rendered to people on the brink of losing their homes mostly as a result of their debts. They also include the rescue of imperilled tenants from attempted illegal eviction by their landlords and aid to those emotionally weighed down by debt.

In North Devon, 3,552 people with 6,045 issues have benefited from the services of the charity’s offices, while 1,153 people with 1,873 issues have been cared for by the Torridge offices. The spectrum of the problems lifted off these people’s shoulders were diverse: they included things as widely varied as relationships and family concerns; housing problems; employment; debt; benefits and tax credits.

The service’s staff strength presently stands at 25, with the figure of an additional 140 volunteers all working free to provide independent advice with confidentiality guaranteed to the served population.

Vicki Rowe is the Chief Executive Officer of Torridge, North, Mid and West Devon Citizens Advice. Having observed first-hand the adverse effects of people’s life circumstances, she believes that a preventative rather than a corrective approach to tackling these problems is ultimately beneficial for social services and public funds. She reiterates the availability of the charity’s services to those who need them, and encourages them to seize the opportunity.


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