Cash boost to help vulnerable women in Devon and Cornwall


Over £200,000 in funding is to be channelled towards a scheme to assist vulnerable women in Devon and Cornwall. The government cash boost is a bid by the Police and Crime Commissioner to improve the lives of women who have received custodial sentences in the region.

With the region’s nearest prison in Gloucester about 200 miles away, women facing sentences are kept far away from their support network and loved ones.

The Police and Crime Commissioner hopes the cash boost will help them get their lives on track.

According to Alison Hernandez, Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioner, “Much of the work of my office is not only focussed on policing but on the causes of crime.

“In Devon and Cornwall, we have a problem in that the nearest women’s prison is so far away from much of the region.

“Prison has to be the last resort option for our women offenders because rehabilitation and reducing offending only happens when offenders are well connected with their family and community. Children suffer the most and we have been seeking better ways to help alleviate this.

“I’m grateful that the Government recognises the importance of our isolated women within the South West by funding these schemes and I’d like to thank all of those who have worked on this successful bid.”

The Ministry of justice’s grant will fund a 17-month pilot project which includes Resilient Women, CoLab (Exeter), Sunflower Women’s Centre (Plymouth) and Women’s Centre Cornwall.

The grant is from the £3.3m awarded to 12 organisations in the first phase of community services investment.


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