Bristol and Bath Railway Disruption Due to Upgrade Work

Bristol and Bath Railway Disruption Due to Upgrade Work

There will be no railway service operating from Bristol and Batch for a couple of weeks because of an ongoing regeneration work at Bristol Temple Meads railway station this year.

The upgrade is part of the Bristol Rail Regeneration Programme. It is made to facilitate improvements to local railway and stations over the next 3 years.

Commuters are advised about the disruption of service from Bristol Temple Means and Bath Spa that will happen from August 7, 2021, to September 3, 2021.

There will be an alternative road transport that will be put into place. However, the travel time will be around 30 minutes per way.

According to Jonathan Davis, who is the Network Rail Project director, they ask commuters and local residents for their understanding and patience. He also said that the project is a significant undertaking and will transform the Bristol East junction.

Davis also said that they are closely working with the train operating companies to minimize the disruption of the upgrade work. At the same time, he encourages commuters to plan their travel with the interruption in mind ahead of time to lessen the inconvenience on their end.

Matt Barnes, the GWR Regional Development manager, added that the upgrade work would enable them to deliver 4,000 more seats to the city daily. It will also help lessen the conflict on local stopping and long-distance services to maintain the reliability of the trains.

During the upgrade works, routes from London Paddington to South Wales will continue to remain operational. The same thing applies for routes to the north by Bristol Parkway or to the South by Taunton.

The upgrade work will have no effect on long-distance trains and from Bristol Temple Meads in the first 4 weeks However, it will be different for some of the local stopping services.

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