A30 at Bodmin: Crash and Traffic delays


The alleged crash of three vehicles along A30 was refuted by a Devon and Cornwall police spokesperson. According to him, when the police got into the scene, debris was flying around the area.

The said crash was centred at westbound carriageway on the Bodmin bypass in between the Carminnow Cross turn-off and Innis Downs. Accidents in between the Playing Place and Forth Coth, A38 Launceston Road to A391, and Trevemper road were causing major delays and heavy traffic particularly at A39, Penina Avenue and A30 Bodmin Bypass westbound which are all partially blocked at this point.

The most affected travels are the northbound ones (from Bodmin to Lanivet). The usual five-minute or less travels from Zelah to Chiverton Cross and vice versa had become approximately fourteen minutes due to the accidents and delays.

There is also heavy traffic reported at A39 and moderate traffic jam at A390 eastbound and Ride Roundabout. The A39 delays were allegedly caused by the accident involving a car and a cyclist. The cyclist suffered minor injuries while negotiation between the two parties is encouraged and being observed.

Up-to-date Bodmin news includes slow traffic around Marazanvose. A30 eastbound travels are currently experiencing little to no movement in the road today.

While A30 westbound traffic is not moving due to these crashes and flying debris, the heavy congestion in between Carland Cross and Chiverton Cross worsen and has allegedly reached 25-30 minutes of travelling southbound.

Partial road closures were being implemented in the hopes that it would lessen vehicle outrage and heavy congestion.

These traffic issues are still under observation of the Cornwall Police and are expected to be resolved and back to normal on the next eight to ten hours. Citizens and tourists currently residing within the aforementioned areas are encouraged to cooperate and stay calm.


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