A Fundraising for the East Taunton Man


Irene Fernandes, an 86 years old woman, proved that extending her hands to those who are in need is her passion. A fundraising event was held by Fernandes in honour to the 9/11 terror attack victim Peter A. Gray.

For 17 years, Fernandes annually holds fundraising events to reach out and help people. The recent beneficiary of her fundraising is Roger Garpikes. Gardikis is the East Taunton man who was nearly killed in a tremendous road accident.

As the accident happened, he was struck by a Nissan Sedan droved by an uncontrollable driver. It happened very fast, and Gardikis shared he did not saw the car coming. It was an ordinary day for him as he picked up an old gas stove; he did not know that an accident was going to happen.

Gardikis shared his near-death experience after being placed in a coma for two weeks at the Boston Medical Center. He underwent two major operations for treating his spinal fusion near his neck and stabilizing his leg.

He shared that his foot was completely destroyed, and the doctors believed that he will be paralysed from his neck down to his foot. With the help of spending a month on the hospital and a month on Rehoboth rehab facility, Gardikis is indeed fortunate. He improved his foot injury and his neck problems.

With Gardikis’ story, Fernandes was touched and moved after she met him and his long-time girlfriend. Afterward, she decided to conduct a fundraising event. After consulting to the city counselor, John McCaul, the fundraiser was held last June. It generated an estimated $800 to help Gardikis on his medical costs.

Gardikis revealed that as he turns 62 next year, he is not angry at this world. With the help of his great support system and good people, he will manage to survive and be in good spirits.


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