Expect Unicorn Land to Come to Bristol This Summer

Expect Unicorn Land to Come to Bristol This Summer

If seeing a real-life unicorn is one of your life’s greatest fantasies, then it’s going to happen soon.

The ticketed event “Unicorn Land” is expected to stop at Bristol this summer and in some other locations.

A magical, luxurious concept that not only allows children to experience riding in a princess carriage but also entertain them with a variety of unicorn inspired activities and games.

Although the final date in Bristol has not been confirmed yet, parents and children are just excited for the said event.

The Unicorn Dream CEO, Stafford Carrington, established the unicorn event following a tour with his daughter to a unicorn center which is 250 miles away from their house.

Carrington’s daughter, Alyssa, worked with him in making these events successful by being present in business meetings, helping to bring ideas into reality and generating marketing strategies.

She also added that she loves working at Unicorn Dream with her dad and she gets help from friends and the internet to know what kids really wanted and then inform her dad with her discoveries for him to make it work.

So, what should visitors expect in Unicorn Land?

They will have the experience of meeting the mythical beings, indulging in some face paintings, and participating in the magical Unicorn Land trail.

But, this event is not just about magic and enchantment.

Having to explore the advancement of technology with the Fab Bus, which is a London double-decker bus with lots of workstations, 3D printers and many more are also a highlight of this event.

Another most awaited part of the event is the chance for children to design unicorn stables, play in designated areas, and chill in their entertainment area where the winning design will be announced later in the year. Architects and unicorn masters will choose the winners

Unicorn Land’s stables will be completed this October 2019, opening it to the public for people to enjoy.

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