Exeter’s most expensive and cheapest car parks

Exeter’s most expensive and cheapest car parks
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A new study has just revealed the cheapest car park in Exeter. This was done by looking at every car park near the centre of the town, specifically within a 25-minute walk, and ranking them based on their daily cost.

John Lewis was named the costliest parking spot, which is not a surprise anymore as it costs £13.20 for a full day parking. But of course, you will get to have your car in a multi-storey car park that offers an electric vehicle charging if you hope to require one. The site also gives you easy access to the town centre attractions, which is a plus for many.

According to the survey, the Mary Arches and Guildhall Street are among the three most expensive parking locations. Both spots have the same price.

To complete the list for top 5 most expensive locations are Princesshay which costs £12.40, and Market Street that goes for £12.10. You should note that the Princesshay car park does not include an electric car charging payment.

When it comes to the cheapest parking lot in the UK, Dudley Road in Wolverhampton beats them all. You will only be charged £1.50 for a full day car parking.

Of course, there is a huge difference between the cost of Dudley Road parking cost and that of Lime Street in Liverpool which goes for £135 for a full day parking.

Exeter’s Okehampton Street car park costs £3.50 which is the same price as that of Flowerpot Lane car park. The former has 81 parking spaces, opens from 8a. to 6pm daily and is slightly nearer to the town centre.

Truly, Exeter ranks better when compared to other cities in the UK. With its five cheapest car parks averaging £3.90, Exeter is no doubt a friendly place for motorists. They just need to know where these car parks are located.


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