Torquay’s Honorary Gift to Robin Stubbs

Torquay’s Honorary Gift to Robin Stubbs
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Just this year, Torquay United, the managing association of the national football league, has appointed the retired professional football player Robin Stubbs as its honorary life president.

Stubbs is one of the revolutionary football players in the sixties. He has influenced athletes in the country through inspiration, funding donations, and passing on legacies. He was born in Quinton in Birmingham City where he was discovered and recruited to be a player. Since then, he has already made about 400 field appearances and scored over 299 goals.

Today, Stubbs is 78 and is still holding a position as a spectator of leagues at Plainmoor. He was grateful for the Torquay United’s appointment to him and he also stated that he is very proud to have been chosen as the face and president of the association.

He made his first appearance as the Torquay United’s president on January first of this year at Plainmoor on a Vanarama National League Match. The said match was between Yeovil Town and Torquay United where no more than 20,000 people have watched.

In the midst of the match breaks, Robin Stubbs was given the time to be introduced at the new Torquay United’s honorary life president. Stubbs’ family and supporters were present during the said event.

According to the Torquay United’s spokesperson, they have been planning to appoint a new honorary life president for more than 5 years now and are very happy to announce to the public that Stubbs has accepted the position. They also said that he is the perfect face to represent the association because of his timeless achievements and legacies.

Torquay United is now looking forward to more contracts and gameplays under the term of Stubbs. Together with the new era, they have also started operating their rolling sports clinics and online player recruitments. They are also planning to take a step forward in promoting their game brands internationally in the next five years.

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