Gloucester Rugby Lost to Munster Rugby over the Weekend: 3 Things We Learned

Gloucester Rugby Lost to Munster Rugby over the Weekend: 3 Things We Learned

Red Card Cases Will Remain Contentious

The question on everyone’s lips at the end of the game was whether Danny Cipriani’s red card was justifiable. The fly-half was sent off in the first half after his tackle on Munster’s Rory Scannell. There have been arguments for and against the decision made by referee Alexandre Ruiz.

According to the law, any tackles that involve a stiff arm or swinging arm to the head of the opponent is a card offence. The intention of the player involved should not be considered.  Supporters of the referee agree that he was simply applying the rules but there is an argument that the offence was more deserving of a yellow card due to the nature of the tackle.

Perhaps it is time for the World Rugby Law to be more definitive on the type of card to be issued for an offence like this.

Red Cards Ruin Games

It is hard to know how the game would have turned out without the red card debacle but it is easy to see that the game was ruined after the decision. The atmosphere died as most people could see the end of the game from that point.

Although there was still some drama, the game didn’t live up to the hype anymore and it was nowhere near the classics we have seen from these two sides.

Gloucester’s Spirit Bodes Well for the Future

Gloucester’s reaction to being a man short was applauded as they finished the stronger side. Past Gloucester sides would have crumbled after the decision but the current group showed that it doesn’t cower in the face of adversity.

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