Rugby Playoffs: Newton Abbot against Bridgwater and Albion

Rugby Playoffs: Newton Abbot against Bridgwater and Albion

The Newton Abbot rugby team is proposing a rematch against Bridgwater & Albion in response to the previous game’s results.

It was a close fight between Newton Abbot and Bridgwater, yet the former remained on top. In the previous match, star players Josh Davey and Jake Monnington had the spotlight. They gave the spice to the last five minutes of the round with Davey’s attempt to score on Monnington.

Not only that, but Bridgwater has also committed material penalties. Even though they did not make it against the Newton Abbot (until round 3), they sure had the audience’s respect for their talent and their get-ups – literally. In this game, the said rugby team showed off their new team jersey which was designed to give tribute to World War I.

Upon the heat of the third round, Albion tried to get back and score over Newton Abbot. They changed plans and turned the field the other way around. They used Dylan Evans to gather pitching points. Albion’s change of plans seemed to work and benefit their team a great deal. The Newton Abbot played a good and clean fight, though.

The final scorings showed 29-22, favouring Bridgwater & Albion. The Newton Abbot rugby team was applauded by the critics watching the playoffs live. The team played in the field business-mindedly and whole-heartedly. The rookie team shows the potential for winning in the next seasons.

Previously, the Bridgwater & Albion rugby team had their victory parade wearing their new team jersey. Newton Abbot, on the other hand, is continually recruiting trainees and rookies that are potentially useful for the next season. This playoff encouraged the team to train better and be more precise on their backup plans.

As per Albion, they will be proceeding to the next rugby match against North Petherton this Friday, November 22 at 7:30 PM.

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