Pat Lam Explains his Appointment as Director of the Bristol Bear Rugby Team

Pat Lam Explains his Appointment as Director of the Bristol Bear Rugby Team

The new director of Bristol Bears rugby team has set off himself to bring everyone in the club for more wins in the league, setting up blueprints that everyone can follow.

Steve Lansdown, the owner of the Bristol Bears, has said about Lam’s capacity to make the team turn into a rugby masterpiece. This new post, alongside his current contract, will have him continue to work in the West Country for a total of six (6) years until 2023.

Lam has been known to have a strong admiration for the leadership and its consistency of those in the leading clubs in Premiership, Saracens, and Exeter Chiefs. The change of his post from head coach to director has been swift, but there will be no significant internal change at the club because Lam has already been fulfilling his role for the team. He was even nominated, for this season, the Gallagher Premiership rugby director.

He had explained that his role is to ask those hard questions. He wants to acknowledge the good work that has been done and how everyone in the team can be better individually and for the organization. To him, it is all about raising people’s self-awareness and taking ownership of where they have been and improve from them.

To him, doing and fulfilling the role isn’t much of what he had done, though he had recognized the honor that it brought him as director. However, he sees the appointment as something he has been doing from the start, being able to run the rugby program and drive all the rugby departments, including the recruitment and retention of the players in the club.

As his passion is coaching rugby players, the only difference he sees with the rest of the directors in the leagues is being hands-on to his role and responsibilities as director of Bristol Bears.

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