Dan Kemmish Achieves His 400th Game at Albion and Bridgwater

Dan Kemmish Achieves His 400th Game at Albion and Bridgwater

Dan Kemmish, 43 years of age, said he is very pleased to lead Albion and Bridgwater out on Saturday at Devonport Services. It was also his 400th appearance for the club.

Despite his mature age, he still holds an important role in the team. This is his 17th season joining the club.
He expressed his rewarding moment of having achieved his 400th game. He further added that being on the list, with players who have gone before him, is an uplifting moment for the player.

Kemmish started his career in Rugby in November 2003 in a match for RFU Intermediate Cup. It was not an easy ride for this rugby player, for he also had his fair share of ups and downs. He reminisced that time when they won the promotion through the play-offs. He said that it was very exciting at that time. He was also part of the National League until 2010 and was faced with top-quality competitors.

Kemmish expressed his love and passion for Rugby. Despite his long-line of experience, he still feels the need to improve his skills with the game. He was also thankful that in his 16 years of playing the game, he has managed to be away from major injuries.

Despite getting lost with Devonport last weekend, Kemmish still trusts that the team could step up and lead the league. Kemmish further added that the combination of the youngsters helps keep him feeling you. He believes that this year, the team can without a doubt push for a promotion.

Talking about future plans, the 43-year old rugby player said he is keeping his doors open for the possibility to coach when his playing days will come to an end. After all, that would be his best option if he wouldn’t want to leave totally the rugby game which is close to his heart.



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