Cornish Pirates: Now at Redruth for a Pre-season Friendly

Cornish Pirates: Now at Redruth for a Pre-season Friendly
Redruth Recreation Ground: Location of the pre-season friendly

The Cornwall Rugby Football Union (CRFU) is fast approaching. In relation with this, Cornish pirates are now at Redruth for a pre-season friendly. The pre-season will start on this Saturday at the recreation ground, Redruth.

The Cornish Pirates visited the recreation ground for the pre-season friendly schedule. Moreover, they took part in the triangular set of fixtures. These include Camborne football teams, unfortunately, the ‘Cherry and Whites” are unable to take part in the said event.

The referees of the game are Jonathan Healy and Phillip Watters. They are the two assistants of the rugby union coach, Dean Richards.

The names of the first half players are 15 AJ Cant, 14 Harry Davey, 13 Rory Parata, 12 Nicolas De Battista (capt), 11 Matt Evans, 10 Javier Rojas Alvarez, 9 Ruaridh Dawson, 8 Tom Duncan, 7 John Stevens, 6 Jake Clemson, 5 Danny Cutmore, 4 Fa’atiga Lemalu, 3 Jay Tyack, 2 Tom Channon, 1 Jack Andrew

The replacement of the first half players are Suva Ma’asi, Hayden King, Will Norton, Sam Rodman, Brett Beukeboom, Matt Bolwell, Jean-Baptist Bruzulier, Will Cargill, Alex O’Meara, Callum Patterson, Robin Wedlake, and Maliq Holden.

One the other hand, the second half players are 15 Maliq Holden, 14 Robin Wedlake, 13 Shae Tucker, 12 Callum Patterson, 11 Alex O’Meara, 10 Will Cargill, 9 Rhodri Davies, 8 Tom Duncan, 7 John Stevens, 6 Matt Bolwell, 5 Brett Beukeboom (capt), 4 Jake Clemson, 3 Sam Rodman, 2 Dan Frost, and 1 Marlen Walker.

The replacements of the second half players are Suva Ma’asi, Will Norton, Hayden King, Jay Tyack, Fa’atiga Lemalu, Danny Cutmore, Alex Schwarz, Javier Rojas Alvarez, Matt Evans, Rory Parata, and AJ Cant.

The admission fee of the event for viewers ageing from 16 and above is £10. The tickets are available within the day. Thus, viewers should come earlier for they will distribute the tickets in a first come first serve basis. The gates will open for children ageing below 16 at 12:30 pm.

The event will give an opportunity for followers to witness their admired players in action. At the same time, supporters will be given a chance to see new skilful players on their uniform.

At the end of the event, the winning ‘Player of the Match’ will be given a ‘Glengoyne Trophy’. Glengoyne Trophy’ is to be given by Glengoyne, which is sponsoring the Cornish Pirates.

Aside from the main event, there will be a free tasting of Edinburgh Gin besides the club bars and food outlets. Edinburgh Gin is a small-batch yet a well-recognized gin distillery with multiple awards.

Furthermore, to make the day more memorable, the free tasting is accompanied by a post-match clubhouse disco.

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