Cheltenham move to ban ticket touts

Cheltenham move to ban ticket touts

The Cheltenham racecourse is seeking an injunction at the British High Court to ban touts from the race tracks. The case is expected to be heard on Wednesday 24 October.

The tout situation is not unique to Cheltenham racecourse as you will find touts at almost every major sporting event across the country, in fact, touts are now a well known feature of every sporting event that you will be hard pressed to find one racetrack where there are no touts. That being said, it is expected that the move to seek a court injunction will help put a stop to the attendance of touts at the National Hunt Racing, a situation that has escalated over the years.

Ian Renton, regional director for The Jockey Club in the south west region points out that touting is bringing the racing activity into disrepute. He explains further that the touting activities which occur on the racetrack on event days have a negative impact on racegoers and racing enthusiasts. In fact, according to him, the touts plying their trade on the racecourse property has brought about lots of negative feedback from customers.

In recent years, the Cheltenham racecourse has been looking for a lasting solution to the problem of touts on the racing property and it is expected that Wednesday’s hearing will be the next step in prohibiting touts from trading on the racing club’s property.

If the hearing is successful, it would mean that the racecourse will be able to take the much needed steps that would help them protect racegoers in future.


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