A Horse Trainer Commits Suicide after Learning of an Affair

A Horse Trainer Commits Suicide after Learning of an Affair

Richard Woollcott, superstar racehorse coach, took his own life after finding out his wife was in a relationship with a jockey. The forty-year-old champion was discovered hanging in a barn in January 2018 at his home in north Devon. Woollcott came across a series of sensual messages to his spouse, Kayley on Facebook three weeks earlier. He has also been battling with depression and work pressure. Alison Longhorn, an assistant coroner in Devon, recorded a ruling of suicide at the postmortem at County Hall, Exeter.

The Sensual Messages

On 22nd January, Woollcott was found by his sister, Marie and his mother, Carol at Rose Ash near South Molton. When they cut him down, his sister attempted to save him but was announced dead. Marie said he had found out several sexual messages between his wife and the jockey. She further stated that Richard fired the competitor and declared the relationship with his wife over; however, he later discovered texts on an iPad affirming the relationship was still on. He was upset and embarrassed. In 2017, Richard had been prescribed anti-depressants following the demise of an ally who had been riding one of his horses.

Work Pressure and Finances Obstacle to their Relationship

Kayley informed the investigation that Richard, who she married in 2013, was amusing and they were compatible.  However, the two began to battle with finances and work pressure which made their relationship volatile.  She stated that the personal texts which Richard found on Facebook were full of sexual innuendos. The couple began attending marriage counseling sessions.  The two also confessed they love one another. The previous evening, Woollcott was found dead. Later, a letter was revealed in the house written by him stating that his daughter and Kayley was the best thing that occurred to him. Richard has won nine times at the Devon and Cornwall Championship.


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