Golfers Lose Two as Ladies Tennis Obtains Two Wins

Golfers Lose Two as Ladies Tennis Obtains Two Wins

Last week, the Falcons men’s golf category failed two meets, dropping a non-conference event to East Catholic and Northwest Catholic on 29th April before faulting to Holy Cross the following day from Tailwood Country Club. Falcons hit a total of 173 and East Catholic shot 162 while Northwest produced 159. Micahel Dolce run the Falcons with a 41 during the Catholic school completion. In a contest from Western Hills (par 36), Ryne Salius run the St. Paul Catholic charge with 41 against Holy Cross.

Falcons Almost Took the Match

The tennis team representing St. Paul Catholic finalized its home portion of with two 6-1 winnings over both Ansonia and Woodland last week. On 29th April, the Falcons obtained victory against Woodland, conquering all four single’s showdowns.  Ximena Varela-Marin beat Rachel Poolos with a score of 8-1, while the second post was taken by Carina Fiscella, with a score of 8-6, victory against Woodland’s Kaitlyn Crosby. The third single contestant, Nicole Kempes, triumphed over Ella Parker with a score of 9-8 in extra time, while Alexis Piechowski quickly overcame Morgan Swift with an 8-1 score at the final round. Afterwards, in the doubles play, Alexis Carabetta and Tessa Rogers crushed Olivia Vallejo and Brooke Reilly, 8-6, and at No.3 doubles, Violet Rodriguez and Alexis Wozdusiewicz overpowered Theresa Sherwood and Julia Bodnar, 8-4.

St.Paul Catholic Finalized Overall at 7-4

Later on 1st May, the Falcons came back at it once more in Bristol, recording a victory of 6-1 over Ansonia. Fiscella was an 8-2 triumphant over Idaliss Martinez while Ximena Varela-Marin locked out Kiena Dudac, 8-0. St. Paul Catholic duo team prevailed through sweeps while Nicole Kempes succeeded against Kaitlyn Caple, 8-3. The best side of Lydia Feng and Grace Carabetta overcame Patricia Kirejczyk and Victoria Koening, 8-3, while the Alexis Carabetta Tessa Rogers doubles defeated Kristina Tarloga and Janel Xayarath, 8-5. Lastly, the Alexis team of Piechowski and Wozdusiewicz triumphed over Jillian Stewart and Madison Jantewstas, 8-0.


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