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Tight Race in Taunton’s Junior Golf Tournament

For three golf players, Brandon Raymond, Ethan Johnson and Brandy Sullivan, Tuesday will remain a memorable day of their lives having won first-place trophies...

Badger Confusion Causes Vandalisation Of Devon Golf Course By Mindless Animal Rights Campaigners

Police are looking for three people believed to be connected to the vandalising of the Devon Golf Course. CCTV images of the three suspects...

County Kings Step in for injured duo as Hampshire prepare for Dorset Opener

The League of the South East campaign by the Hampshire was pursued versus Dorset on Sunday even the absence of their regular players. A rest...

Golfers Lose Two as Ladies Tennis Obtains Two Wins

Last week, the Falcons men’s golf category failed two meets, dropping a non-conference event to East Catholic and Northwest Catholic on 29th April before...

Melissa McMahon attains victory at the Dorset Ladies County Championship

Their high score was thirty-six points as the Lyme Regis team played a Stableford; Cyndy Mudford and Rosemary Jackman succeeded in Division One, with...