What’s the most unbreakable record in baseball history?

What’s the most unbreakable record in baseball history?
As much as we wanted the 2020 Major League Baseball season to push through, we could not risk our health because of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It's recommended to suppose that Spring training in March got canceled and the opening day was also postponed until further notice. No one knew when the most awaited Baseball league return, but baseball fans hope this would happen in July. For now, as we are at our comfort of our homes, this is the best time to look back at some stellar records in the history of baseball. What do you think was the most unbreakable record? There are many of them that comes to your mind for sure. Take a look if our list of unbreakable records matches yours.
  1. .367 batting average (Ty Cobb, 1936)

Ty Cobb is among the best baseball players ever lived. Imagine having a .367 batting average throughout his baseball career. Definitely hard to beat as it would take a baseball pro 5 seasons and 3000 plate appearances. Some baseball players who almost outrank his record are Albert Pujols at 28, and Ichiro Suzuki at 34 WHO ARE BOTH .332 career hitter, and Todd Helton with .337 career hits.
  1. 225 hits in one season (Ichiro Suzuki, 2004)

Ichiro Suzuki almost outranks Ty Cobb n his .367 career average. But did you know Suzuki is the latest to have the highest hitting records? Almost 20 decades have passed and no one beat his 225 hits in a single season as of the moment. Who knows one of these years a young player would play on the big league and beat that record. Highly unlikely, but it’s something to look forward to.
  1. 73 home runs in one season (Barry Bonds, 2001)

This can’t be true, right? It’s even hard to have 50 home runs in one season, what more with 73? But here, Barry Bonds achieve the record and no one ever did yet since 2001. What’s most interesting is that he attain the record just the first half of the season. Amazing!
  1. 56 hitting streaks in one game (Joe DiMaggio, 1941)

Come on, imagine having a 60-game winning streak. It would require a player who rarely walks, rarely strikes out, and extremely gifted like Joe DiMaggio. Throughout the baseball history, players who almost beat the record are Freddie Freeman 50, Ryan Zimmerman 49, and Brian Dozier 48. And then we have Joe DiMaggio with 56 hitting streaks. That’s pretty hard for sure to imagine.
  1. 26-straight winning streak (Giants, 1916)

Here, we are not only talking about an individual player but as a team as a whole. In the next baseball league, which we don’t know when it’s going to happen, if the best team will have to win 100 games, then they shall win almost 65% of there games. That would be hard right? In 2017 though, Cleveland almost beat the Giants’ record for having 22 winning streaks straight. Conclusion While we are waiting for the major baseball league to come back, it is fun to look at these unbelievable records, right? Records are something you chase and such great motivations for our players. Records are meant to be beaten, or aren’t they? The curiosity would definitely add fun and enjoyment to the next league.

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