Clubs engage in a penalty shoot-out to 34 spot-kicks

Clubs engage in a penalty shoot-out to 34 spot-kicks

Truro City lost in a match which ended with the lengthiest penalty shootout in the history of English football.

Truro City and Taunton Town match ended with a draw of 2-2 on Wednesday evening. It needed about 34 more spot-kicks to determine who was the winner in the second round of the Southern League Challenge Cup.

In 2016, they are said to have equaled in the EFL trophy match among the two teams Chelsea Under 23 and Oxford United.

However, Taunton won the shoot-out 12-11, after Jack Net has scored the 17th penalty.

For the first five penalties, both teams scored 3-3.

The two teams never scored their 11th penalties, and they scored the other three penalties that followed before losing their nerve.

Both teams never scored their 15th and 16th penalties.

Truro City, through Austen Booth, lost its 17th penalty.

This gave a chance to Taunton town to settle the match by scoring their 17th penalty through Rice, who was having his 5th opportunity in the penalty shoot-out.

Kevin Sturmey, the Taunton chairman and the groundsman’s man as well, noted that it was not an easy game, especially the 34 penalties shootout, which lasted for 34 minutes. He further stated that they had two opportunities to win on penalties 32 and 33, which they have also dearly missed.

The 34-kick penalties may possibly be equal to that in English record, but it cannot be likened to other longest shoot-outs in the history of football. For example, Namibia, at a professional level, settled a cup tie with about 48 kicks in 2005. This was after a draw of 2-2 with KK palace.

However, Taunton will not have a game on Saturday since they were previously kicked out of the FA trophy league. However, they will have a friendly match with Biddeford on Tuesday, November 26, where they hope not to have penalty shoot-outs anymore.



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