Millions to be Spent on New Cycle Paths

Millions to be Spent on New Cycle Paths

A new network of cycle paths worth millions of pounds will soon take place in Cornwall. The cycle paths will span for more than 30 kilometres. The route of the cycle paths includes Trispen to Idless, Perranporth to Newquay, St. Newlyn East to Carland Cross, and St. Agnes to Truro.

This project will greatly improve the cycle network, promote cycling as a means of travel to work or school, contribute to the healthy lifestyle exercises, and attract tourists to leisure trips especially to cycling enthusiasts and athletes. Both local residents and tourists will benefit from this grand project. The project funding will also help Bronze Age barrows, clean heathland habitats, prevent water quality problems, prevent flooding, and nurture the Grade II registered Chyverton Park.

The project is funded by Highways England at exactly £27 million. They collaborated with Cornwall Council for this project. Cornwall Council will conduct surveys in the coming months to collect the necessary information to aid in developing the designs and concept for the project. They are due to be delivered in the year 2021 during the spring season. Both parties are delighted on their partnership as the project wouldn’t have been possible without either of them.

According to Geoff Brown from Cornwall Council, the large funding from Highway England opens up huge doors of opportunities for cycling. Cycling helps in reducing air pollution caused by cars, reduces traffic on roads, and promotes exercise and an active lifestyle.

They also hope that this project may attract commercial cycling events in the future. Such events will help the local economy because of the potential influx of tourists it can attract. Thus, hotels will be fully-booked, restaurants will be busy, and local shops will gain more revenue.

This is something to look forward to for local residents in the area. The residents hope for its success.

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