A Bus Driver that Knocked Down a Cyclist in Devon while Overtaking was not Charged

A Bus Driver that Knocked Down a Cyclist in Devon while Overtaking was not Charged

 A cyclist in Devon is requesting for witnesses after discovering a 2016 incident footage whereby a driver bus knocked him when trying to pass. The victim, Jarred Huxtable, says he doesn’t understand why there were no charges against the driver. He has since been out of work due to the injuries. The video shows the driver trying to overtake the cyclist in Fremington near Barnstaple. Huxtable was cycling home from work when the incident took place. He narrates how the bus began drawing out in front of him as he cycled past The Fox pub, compelling him on the wrong side of the road.

Forceful Overtaking Left Cyclist with No Space for Escape

When Huxtable was pedaling up the hill, the bus attempted to overtake him in a position he could not have even managed in a van. The cyclist recalls how space was very tight, and the bus consequently knocked him as it came past, resulting in a lot of damage. The victim was offered first aid at the scene by an ambulance then rushed to the hospital. Huxtable bore injuries to his hip, knee, elbow, shoulder and has since undergone four surgery occasions for the last six months.  He is also ailing from avascular necrosis condition. Currently, they are not sure of the cause of the ailment.  The victim said he is awaiting test results to substantiate if the condition is as a result of the crash.

Huxtable Still Suffers from Injuries from the Incident

The accident has left a significant impact on Huxtable’s life.  For eight weeks, he had to stay off work. When he resumed, his shoulder kept hurting so he could no longer perform his duties as needed. He hasn’t worked from since 2018 and is presently on disability benefits.  Huxtable has been suffering from the pain ever since and has to wear knee support even after taking tramadol, morphine, and codeine to relieve the pain.


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