Bristol Rovers Plan to Extend Alcohol License to Serve Away Fans


Bristol Rovers have put in a request for a permanent license to serve alcohol to visiting fans at the Memorial stadium. This comes after a request for temporary license to serve the beverage at the Bristol – Rovers game last Saturday (Oct. 20) was rejected by the police.

The police claimed that this fixture had a history of disorderliness and wouldn’t risk yet another unfortunate repetition. Bristol have since decided to go for a permanent license which would save them the stress of making weekly requests, and £21 for each one.

True to police prediction, shortly after the game which ended in a goalless draw, Bristol and Oxford United fans engaged in a scuffle as they entered the city. The police made a timely appearance to end the clash and ensure that properties were not damaged in the process. One man was arrested.

Speaking about the license request, Dave Parker, the club’s safety officer, pointed out that the current temporary license limited sales and supply of alcohol at the stadium to half a dozen fan bars. The new license would, however, allow the sale of alcohol seven days a week, from 10:00 am to 11:30 pm.

Parker went on to say that the temporary license was archaic and needed to be modified to suit modern trends. He added that the club would still take the police reservations under advisement in deciding whether to serve away fans or not. The new license would incorporate the following activities which are covered by the existing one: films, indoor sports, live and recorded music, and so on.




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